Remedial Performance (Pte) Ltd is an software and hardware engineering company headquartered in Singapore with technical center in Jakarta (Indonesia). Funded in September 2012 with objective to provide innovative data analysis for Oil and Gas Industry, we quickly extend our activities to cross-vertical industries such Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Building Automation, Renewable energy and Logistic.
Capitalizing on extensive field experience in the Energy industry, a team of vetted developers, cutting-edge technology with a strong vision, Remedial Performance flagship’s SIGHTGATE and our SENSA.IO product line enable our client to keeps their assets functioning within stated specifications and across the entire organization value chains.



All happens for a reason

All started in May 15th, 2012, while Thomas, Field engineer at Schlumberger, celebrating his 30th anniversary on onshore rig near by Al khobar in Saudi Arabia. That night it was time for him to move to new horizon. He started sketching a business plan and writing his resignation letter. Singapore will be the starting point to his new adventure with the incorporation of Remedial Performance (Pte) Ltd in September 2012.

Money comes first

After one year writing down software specification, fine tune a business model and raised the first investment round from private investor, it was time to action. We opened on April 2014 the the first technical center in Jakarta and hired our 3 talented software developers.

Never give up!

The fall of oil price by the end of 2014, lack of cash flow and late development, Projections were not in a great shape and choices had to be made. Early 2015 we decided to diversify and tendered a project for the provision and engineering of automatized Flow loop in Singapore. Strategy paid back while in July 2015, we got awarded this project and got financial backup from two business angels.

Build our reputation

2016, we consolidated the fondation with the award of new projects, diversified our customer portfolio in miscellaneous industry, exposed our know-how with the launch of Sightgate at IoT Conference in Singapore in September, and strengthen our team with venue of our technical director. 2017 will be the year of conquest with expension to neighboring markets.


Thomas Guillet

Founder & CEO

Thomas ambitions to list Remedial Performance as one of the fastest Asian growing company with reputable know-how in Industrial Internet of Things.

Thibault Tournier

Business Development Manager

Thibault works with the marketing team to increase sales opportunities and thereby maximize revenue and collaboration within our Partner network.

Arief Herusaktiawan

Country Manager Indonesia

Arief are the eyes and ears of Remedial Performance in Indonesia. He is involves in all related business activities from operations, business development and networking.