The development of  strong business cases with proven and tangible benefits is the most important element of your digital transformation strategy. In Remedial Performance we provide world-class consulting services for all your IIoT projects, including specification of a digital transformation strategy, positioning of your company to the IIoT ecosystem, development of viable business cases, as well as quantification of ROI and IRR indicators for each case. Overall, our consulting services ensure full alignment of your business strategy to your IIoT projects.


Remedial Performance provides a rich portfolio of solutions for smarter world, including:

Consulting on the inception, feasibility analysis and business analysis of your CPS manufacturing solution, including cost-benefit calculation.

We work with you in order to identify IIoT solutions that can lead to tangible improvements in your supply chain operations. This includes inception of a business solution, identification and quantification of potential benefits, financial analysis, as well as development of concrete business scenarios and use cases.

Consulting services, which span the specification of your intelligent buildings’ strategy, including selection of infrastructure, specification and proritization of applications including cost-benefit analysis for each of the selected applications.

IIoT is an enabler of whole range of new capabilities and business models. Our consulting services support you in understanding and fully leveraging such business models in your operations. We support you in formulating and analyzing new business models for grid optimization and prosumer engagement, including an analysis of your interactions with the various business actors such as aggregators,  consumers and other energy market participants. The analysis includes financial projections concerning the viability of the envisaged business models, including the development of relevant business plans.

We offer consulting services in relation to smart services co-creation and user-driven design, as well as in terms of the analysis of the feasibility and long term viability of smart city services.