Most of IIoT’s business value lies in data analytics, since the analysis of large volumes of data from numerous heterogeneous IoT devices is the foundation for optimizing  processes and decisions. Remedial Pefromance offers  data analytics services of the highest quality, which span the full data mining and knowledge extraction lifecycle, including business & data understanding, data preparation, selection & evaluation of machine learning  models for knowledge extraction, as well as deployment and visualization. Our experts extract knowledge from high volume datasets and high-velocity data streams (BigData), based on a variety of models that range from simple classification and predictive analytics methods to the most advanced deep learning and AI-based techniques.


Remedial Performance provides a rich portfolio of solutions for smarter world, including:

Collection, consolidation and analysis of data from field devices, machines and business information systems towards supporting use cases like predictive maintenance and zero defect manufacturing.

We employ advanced data analytics techniques (ranging from simple classifiers to advance AI-based analytics) in order to proactively identify important supply chain events such as shipment delays, placement of critical orders, machine failures and more. Based on these events we also analysis information flows through your supply chain participants’ systems.

Data analytics services, which collect and analyze large datasets from the buildings operations in order to derive concrete and detailed recommendations for optimizing energy and water resources, as well as the buidlings energy and operational efficiency.

We help you collect and analyze large volumes of data from IoT devices and smart networks, as a means of achieving ambitious optimization goals, such as dynamic pricing, grid balancing, day ahead scheduling, as well as other forecasts. We also support you in anayzing data in-line with regulatory requirements for the energy and utilities sectors.

Our data analytics services collect and integrate data streams from multiple sensors and devices of the public infrastructure, which are typically combined with city metadata and open data sets. The outcomes of our analysis can be used to drive real-time operations (e.g., dealing with anomalies), as well as for strategic urban or regional planning.

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