IIoT systems and technologies are among the main drivers of the digital transformation of the energy sector. As smart sensors and smart networks are increasingly part of energy deployments, distribution systems operators (DSO), transmission  systems operators (TSO), energy aggregators and other stakeholders take advantage of their data and services in order to optimize operations and to offer novel services to consumers. At the same time, the advent of novel technologies for implementing smart contracts between systems and devices (such as blockchain technologies) provide unprecented opportunities for implementing novel business models that improve environmental performance, while increasing the revenue streams of energy providers. In this landscape, utility companies are faced with several challenges including:

  • The need for high-performance collection and processing of data from smart devices in short time scales as a means of enabling real-time balancing of supply and demand, along with associated grid optimizations.
  • The design and deployment of advanced BigData analytics mechanisms on energy data as a means of enabling data intensive products and services.
  • The interoperability of energy data and services across numerous diverse deployments, smart networks and devices.
  • The successful integration of novel energy production and management models, such as models based on electromobility and V2G (Vehicle to Grid) technologies.
  • The inception and implementation of novel business models involving renewable energy sources and engagement of citizens as prosumers.

Remedial Performance possesses expertise and a proven track record of IIoT deployments in the energy sector, including experience with technologies that can empower smart contracts such as peer-to-peer and distributed ledger technologies. Based on our expertise and business understanding of the energy sector, we are a ideal technology partner for realizing the digital transformation of organizations and utilities in the energy domain.

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Remedial Performance mission is to enable energy and utilities companies to excel in energy efficiency, sustainability and environmental performance based on disruptive IIoT-based innovations and business models. Our services include:

  • Grid optimization: We take advantage of data derived by sensors, smart meters and smart networks in order to optimize energy management and operations at varying time scales, from low-level real-time operations to strategic-level planning and optimizations.
  • Asset management: Our asset management solutions ensure that your equipment is monitored, configured and maintained in an optimal way, in a way that maximizes safety, minimizes risks and overall optimized Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).
  • Smart Contracts: We provide the means for implementing smart contracts and service level agreements, between devices, systems and stakeholders, leveraging on the capabilities of emerging blockchain technologies. Based on the blockchain, we guaranteed security and digital trust across all operations.
  • Consumer engagement:  Our solutions implement gamificiation and incentive based schemes in order to ensure that consumers engage in energy savings and optimizations, but also in the expanded use of RES.