Cyber-physical systems and internet-connected devices are key enablers of advanced IIoT services in shopfloors, plants, oil refineries and supply chains. Our engineering services act as a catalyst for the deployment of novel devices in the field, in a way that accelerates product development and  innovation cycles. We offer a comprehensive range of services that include systems and microsystems design, development of embedded software, systems’ simulation, development of custom and efficient networking stacks, as well as a rich set of validation & testing services. Based on our engineering services we can also guarantee the scalability, security, power efficiency and optimize costs of smart sensors,  sensor networks, IoT gateways, networking devices and actuators.


Remedial Performance provides a rich portfolio of solutions for smarter world, including:

Engineering services dealing with the design, installation, configuration, monitoring and development of CPS manufacturing systems, equipment and assembly lines in factories.

We engineer your supply chain end-to-end, through providing testing and validation services for the fully range of sensors, devices, and business infomation systems comprising an IIoT supply chain.

Engineering sevices, which focus on the engineering of optimal systems and solutions that take advantage of the capabilities of intelligent building systems and infrastructure in a way that fulfills the needs of construction computing, building developers and operators.

IIoT energy systems are based on the deployment of smart networks and devices on the field. Our engineering services help you select, test, deploy and operate smart devices (e.g., sensors, smart meters) in a reliable and cost-effective way.

We engineer complex smart city systems and infrastructures comprising multiple devices. IT systems and open data portals. Our engineering services ensure high-performance and cost-effective operation of the smart city infrastructure.

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