Modern cities, regions and communities are seeking ways to maximize the ROI of their costly investments in digital infrastructures, through implementing smart projects that alleviate urbanization pressures and improve the quality of life of their citizens. IIoT technologies offer them with opportunities of implementing new innovative projects, while at the same time integrating existing smart projects in order to achieve ambitious urban development goals. As part of their efforts, they are typically confronted with the following challenges:

  • Aligning technology projects and deployments to urban development plans, through designing and implementing ambitious, user-driven IIoT projects.
  • Leverage IIoT technologies to improve economic sustainability and environmental performance.
  • Collecting and analyzing data from multiple IoT systems and devices, as means of optimizing both urban planning and city operations.
  • Designing and implementing services that are both useful and appealing to citizens.
  • Ensuring the integration and interoperability across “siloed” IIoT projects in an effect to increase efficiency and achieve city/region wide performance goals.
  • Boosting the engagement of citizens and innovators as a means of leveraging human and innovation capital as much as possible.
  • Ensuring a phased approach to the implementation of smart projects, which fully exploits the evolution of urban or regional digital infrastructure.

Based on a unique combination of consulting, integration and data analytics services Remedial Performance implements complex infrastructure projects that address the above challenges.


Our mission is to  design, implement and deploy intelligent and cost effective smart city systems. In paricular, we offer:

  • Smart Energy: We offer a pool of smart energy solutions, including smart lighting, grid optimization and RES based solutions. Our solutions are based on a thorough analysis of your energy related infrastructures and align to your city’s sustainability goals.
  • Smart Water: Our smart water solutions provide your with a host of tools for monitoring your water management infrastructure and visualizing the results in appropriate dashboards in both desktop and mobile devices. We also offer actuating functionalities that leverage smart pumps to minimize the effect of leakages and other problems in the network.
  • Smart Transport and Mobility: Our transport solutions span a wide range of functionalities including efficient traffic management, identification of optimal routes in the city, as well as smart parking solutions. To provide these services, we integrate data and services from multiple sensors and systems such as ITS. In addition to improving citizens' of life, our solution provide a foundation for the implementation of emerging connected car and autonomous driving use cases.
  • Interoperability Solutions: Our portfolio includes solutions that ensure collection and use of data and services from diverse IIoT systems in a smart city or regions. Based on the integration of diverse silos in the city we help you implement city-wide strategic targets and achieving relevant KPIs about mobility, sustainability, citizen engagement and environmental performance.

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