For over a decade, buidlings integrate networks of sensors and actuators, along with Buidling Management Systems (BMS),  in order to control and automate operations such as lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The advent of IIoT technologies enables the next evolutionary step in building management and operation, through enable the scalable integration of data and services from a wide range of sensors and devices, including end-users' devices. This integration enables a host of novel applications, which enhance occupant' comfort, increase the efficiency of the building's operations, reduce  energy consumption, economize on operating costs, and overall improve the life cycle of utilities.

In order to deliver solutions with an appealling ROI building developers and BMS system integrators are faced with the following challenges:

  • Selecting and integrating a smart digital  infrastruture (e.g., sensors, smart meters) for the building at hand.
  • Deploy power and bandwidth efficient protocols, which scale in a cost-effective way as the number of IoT devices increases.
  • Identify and measure key performance indicators (KPIs) for the building operations, including indicators relating to energy efficiency, occuancy and costs.
  • Capture data from builing sensors and accordingly share and repurpose these data across multiple applications.
  • Safeguard security and data protection, through avoiding unauthorized access and use of building data and services.

Remedial Performance offer a pool of technical and business support services, which can substantially support building developers and BMS solution providers to meet ambitious performance goals in a cost effective way.


Remedial Performance mission is to design, implement and deploy turn-key solutions that maximize ROI on your infrastructure, while meeting the needs of the building's occupants. We offer the following services:

  • Smart Lighting solutions, which ensure that the lights of the building are controlled in an intelligent way that meets occupants needs, while at the same time being energy an cost efficient.
  • Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) solutions,  which provides optimal management of HVAC devices in the building.
  • Security solutions,  which comprise functionalities for accesss control intruders' alarms and video surveillance.
  • Fire & Safety solutions, which are focused on early detection of fire incidents, while at the same time providing safety warnings and recommendations.
  • Energy & Smart Grid solutions, which are aimed to optimize the efficiency of grid resources.
  • Occupancy & floorspace utilization solutions, which provides functionalities for reserving spaces in the building, while providing occupancy statistics in the form of dashboards, floormaps and other presentation modalities.
  • Asset management solutions, which monitors the performance health status of equipment and assets in the building, while at the same time optimizing relevant maintenance processes.

While these applications are applicable to all buildings, they are also flexibly customizable to  the needs of different vertical sectors such as retail, education, healthcare, real-estate and hospitality management.

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