IIoT provides manufacturers with unprecedented opportunities for optimizing production processes, analyzing data from stations and flexibly integrating novel automation technologies based on the integration of cyber-physical systems in the plantfoor. CPS systems provide a foundation for digital factory automation systems, while at the same time enabling collection of large amount of data from stations in the plant. Nevertheless, in order to deploy and fully leverage CPS systems in their factories, manufacturers have to confront several challenges including:

  • Enabling legacy systems for deployment within CPS-based architectures (i.e. CPSification of legacy systems).
  • Developing efficient digital automation architectures, which are able to improve production quality, time and cost all at the same time.
  • Collecting, integrating and unifying datasets from siloed systems, including shopfloor devices and business information systems,
  • Analyzing high volume datasets, including high-velocity data streams based on BigData infrastructures and data analytics techniques.
  • Taking advantage of new technologies (e.g., RFID, additive manufacturing and industrial robots) at short (IT) timescales, rather that through conventional and length OT integration cycles.
  • Ensuring a smooth migration path from legacy solutions to the emerging digital ones based on CPS systems.

Remedial Performance is your expert partner in designing and evaluating CPS based architectures, collecting and analyzing data from the plantfloor and ultimately optimizing automation, maintenance and quality control.


Our services support the full lifecycle of a smart manufacturing solution from business and feasibility analysis, to design, implementation and ultimate deployment on the field. In particular, we provide the following services:

  • Digital Factory Automation Implementation and Deployment: We offer a number of blueprints for IIoT-based automation architectures, which can be flexibly adapted and customized to different manufacturers’ needs. Our blueprints accelerate the time and reduce the effort needed for deploying an  automation architecture that suits your needs.
  • Predictive Maintenance: We implement efficient predictive maintenance systems based on the collection  of large amounts of data from sensors (e.g., vibration, temperature, thermal imaging, ultrasonic, acoustic) and business information systems (e.g., ERP, MRP, Asset Management). Our solutions lead to OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) optimization taking into account  a wide array of production and business parameters.
  • Simulation of Production Processes: We offer turn-key simulation solutions, which simulate the behavior of CPS systems under different condition and enable you to assess the impact of different decisions (including what-if scenarios).
  • Quality Control and Zero-Defect Manufacturing: Our quality control solutions collect and process large datasets from your production lines. They  identify defects and anomalies in various time scales, while recommending remedial actions.

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