A large number of oil, gas & mining companies are already investing in IIoT infrastructures such as sensors, broadbanding networks smart devices, as a means of monitoring and optimizing exploration processes, protecting and maintenance assets, increasing employee safety, as well as for integrating new exploration and automation devices and technologies. IIoT in oil, gas and mining industtries is empowered by the depoyment of a wide range of smart devices such as wearables,  smart electrical pumps, temperature and pressure sensors, IP cameras, industrial robots and more. These sensors enables access to timely and accurate information about field activities, towards production tracking and optimization, asset management as well as predictions about peformance and productivity.

The large number and diverrsity of IoT devices used, along with the harsh field condititions create a very challenging environment for owerns and operators of oil refineries, but also for companies engaging in  exploration of ore or mineral deposits. Among the main challenges are:

  • Selecting and deploying infrastructures such as devices and cyber-physical systems in a cost-effective way.
  • Providing strong and dynamic cybersecurity as new devices are deployed on the field.
  • Collecting and unifying diverse datasets as a basis for performance tracking and maintenance processes.
  • Analyzing data at coarse time scales for production planning, but also at fine time scale for detection of problems in production or exploration processes.

Remedial Performance possess the business and technical knowhow needed in order to design, integrate and deploy robust, secure,  scalable and ROI-generating solutions for the oil, gas and mining industries. Based on our solutions’ portfolio, we are leading the digital transformation of oil prodution and mineral exploration processes.


Our mission is to support the efficiency and to maximize the ROI of the extraction and production process. To this end, we deliver:

  • Data analytics for efficient exploration: Our solutions combines and analyzes datasets from diverse sensors and enterprise information systems in order to boost exploration and discovery efficiency.
  • Process monitoring: We provide an efficient monitoring solution, which viualizes information about the plant in ergonomic dashboards, while at the same time providing flexibility in specifying visualization rules and setting relevant alarms.
  • Worker safety and emergencies management: Using smartphones and smart wearables, we are able to provide continuous tracking of the mining mission in a way that boosts worker safety and timely management of emergency situations.
  • Smart asset management and predictive maintenance: We track the status of field assets and equipment (e.g. devices in an oil refinery) in order to enable predictive maintenance and maximize equipment uptime.

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