The development of  strong business cases with proven and tangible benefits is the most important element of your digital transformation strategy. In Remedial Performance we provide world-class consulting services for all your IIoT projects, including specification of a digital transformation strategy, positioning of your company to the IIoT ecosystem, development of viable business cases, as well as quantification of ROI and IRR indicators for each case. Overall, our consulting services ensure full alignment of your business strategy to your IIoT projects.


Most of IIoT's business value lies in data analytics, since the analysis of large volumes of data from numerous heterogeneous IoT devices is the foundation for optimizing  processes and decisions. Remedial Pefromance offers  data analytics services of the highest quality, which span the full data mining and knowledge extraction lifecycle, including business & data understanding, data preparation, selection & evaluation of machine learning  models for knowledge extraction, as well as deployment and visualization. Our experts extract knowledge from high volume datasets and high-velocity data streams (BigData), based on a variety of models that range from simple classification and predictive analytics methods to the most advanced deep learning and AI-based techniques.


Despite increased automation, humans remain at the heart of IIoT processes. Our UI/UX design services provide motivating, ergonomic and easy to easy interfaces for human workers, ranging from interactive dashboards to the most advanced Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) interfaces. Based on such interfaces, human workers stay at the heart of IIoT-based industrial processes, through supervising automated processes and actively participating in decision making.


Cyber-physical systems and internet-connected devices are key enablers of advanced IIoT services in shopfloors, plants, oil refineries and supply chains. Our engineering services act as a catalyst for the deployment of novel devices in the field, in a way that accelerates product development and  innovation cycles. We offer a comprehensive range of services that include systems and microsystems design, development of embedded software, systems' simulation, development of custom and efficient networking stacks, as well as a rich set of validation & testing services. Based on our engineering services we can also guarantee the scalability, security, power efficiency and optimize costs of smart sensors,  sensor networks, IoT gateways, networking devices and actuators.


IIoT deployments are typically complex systems involving thousands of sensors and actuators, along with a varity of enterprise systems, business information systemsand cybersecurity mechanisms. The scalable, secure and cost-effective integration of such systems is one of Remedial Performance's core competencies. As part of our integration services we ensure that your IIoT infrastructure interacts effectively with your legacy IT and automation systems. Our integration experts employs leading-edge agile methodologies for continuous integration, while following international best practices and architectural blueprints that accelerate integration and maximize value for money. Following  successful deployment, we also provide technical support in order to minimize downtimes and ensure business continuity.


Training is an integral element of Remedial Performance IIoT solutions. Our team offers a complete set of training services spanning business, technical and organizational aspects of IIoT deployments. The services are not limited to training on the operation and use of our IIoT solutions, but expand to the full range of business, management and organizational aspects that enable our customers to get the most out of our solutions.

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