Supply chains are increasingly driven by the collection, processing and management of timely and accurate digital information about supply chain stakeholders and their processes. IIoT technologies empower  accurate tracking and tracing of goods, as well as enhanced awareness about any event that might impact the operations of the chain such a machine break-down, the placement of a critical order or even an anticipated delay in the delivery of materials. Moreover, based on IIoT tecchnologies supply chain participants can seamlessly exchange information, which facilitates streamling of inter-enterprise processes and the implementation of the vision of the “connected and informed plant”.  As a result, the deployment of IIoT technologies in the supply chain leads to more effecient supply chain operations, while providing increased opportunities for supply chain collaboration towards virtualized manufacturing chains, novel maintenance processes, creation of personalized products and more.

The implementation of digital, connected supply chains and associated informed plants is currently associated with the following challenges:

  • The integration of enterprise systems and business information systems in the cloud, as a means of facilitating information exchange and virtualizing supply chain interactions.
  • The need for efficient processing of data from different supply chain participants (including RFID and sensors data), in order to identify important events and subsequently triggering supply chain reconfiguration and optimization processes.
  • The need to ensure standards-based modelling of data and processes in order to support seamless information exchange and data interoerability across different parties.
  • The specification of protocols for Business-to-Business (B2B) interactions in the supply chain, as a means of enabling collaborative processes (e.g., production, maintenance) and associated production models (e.g., personalized products, mass customization).

In Remedial Performance we possess the technical and business knowhow required in order to optimize supply chain operations to the benefit of all participating parties.


Remedial Performance support its customers in the development, deployment and operation of effective supply chain solutions end-to-end i.e. from the inception of the solutions to its actual implementation and use. Our services span the following areas:

  • Supply Chain Management in the Cloud: We enable supply chain participants to exchange information and services in the cloud based on standard protocols and formats. This obviates the need for old-fashioned, tedious and time consuming B2B integration processes.
  • Smart contracts: By logging supply chain interactions in a large scale distributed ledger infrastructure, we are able to model and enforce smart contracts between the systems and objects comprising the interactions of supply chain participants. We integrate blockchain technology in supply chain interactions, through implementing not only logging functionalities but also consensus and orchestration mechanisms as well.
  • Track and trace: We offer full traceability of objects and processes in the supply chain. In particular, we leverage sensors, RFID technology and IIoT devices in order to automatically capture and storage full context about supply chain transactions, including their where, what, when and why & how.

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