Training is an integral element of Remedial Performance IIoT solutions. Our team offers a complete set of training services spanning business, technical and organizational aspects of IIoT deployments. The services are not limited to training on the operation and use of our IIoT solutions, but expand to the full range of business, management and organizational aspects that enable our customers to get the most out of our solutions.


Remedial Performance provides a rich portfolio of solutions for smarter world, including:

We offer a set of training services that will acquaint your employees with technologies and processes of the Industry 4.0 era, including CPS systems, virtualized automation solutions, digital data collection and analytics, as well as metrology and simulation processes. We pay special emphasis on training in human-in-the-loop processes, where employees must be able to interpret results and take decisions. The Remedial Performance training services provide access to unique knowledge assets that will maximize the business value of your IIoT investments.

We training services provide insights on the structure, operation and organization of IIoT supply chains, including their ability to provide complete traceability of products and processes. Remedial Performance trains all users of its solutions on how to track and trace supply chain processes (e.g., collaboration, forecasting, planning, inventory) using sensors and RFID technologies. We also train supply chain participants in added value functionalities such as cold-chain management and end-to-end quality assurance.

Our training services represent an integral element of all of our turn-key solutions for intelligent buildings. They are aimed at presenting the scope and operation of the intelligent building services, along with the technologies that support them. They are complemented with guidelines and recommendations for excellent operations in smart buildings, including optimal environment performance and sustainability, as well as maximum cost efficiency in operations.

The scope of our training solutions spans multiple IIoT technologies and use cases in the energy and utilities sector. We train your employees in the new data-driven energy optimization solutions and business models, as well as on the emerging technologies that underpin them. In this way we help you understand and fully leverage the capabilities of technologies such smart networks, BigData analytics and energy-focused blockchains.

Our training services provide deep insights in smart city services design and deployments, through highlighting not only the IIoT technology aspects, but also the ever important management and organizational aspects. Through a combination of face to face, on the job and computer based training modalities we provide all stakeholders with insights about smart city processes and applications, as well as with information about the hardware and software technologies that support them.

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