Despite increased automation, humans remain at the heart of IIoT processes. Our UI/UX design services provide motivating, ergonomic and easy to easy interfaces for human workers, ranging from interactive dashboards to the most advanced Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) interfaces. Based on such interfaces, human workers stay at the heart of IIoT-based industrial processes, through supervising automated processes and actively participating in decision making.


Remedial Performance provides a rich portfolio of solutions for smarter world, including:

Our UXDesign services provide you with the most ergonomic, user-friendly and human-centric interfaces for visualizing the shopfloor, while at the same time enabling interactions with processes, machines and equipment. Our team has vast experience in dealing with HMI issues in manufacturing processes, along with proven expertise to deliver a wide array of different UI/UX solutions from data presentation dashboards to advanced interactive AR (Augmented Reality) interfaces.

IIoT supply chains are aware about the full context (What, where, when, why & how) of products and processes. The proper visualization of this information can however make a different both in optimizing operations in real-time, but also in optimal decision making. Our UI/UX design services for IIoT-based supply chains provide different views of data and information flows based on parameters such as the location, the supply chain stakeholder and the product involved in the process. We are able to design minimalist representations of supply chain information flows, but also very detail representations of supply chain interactions and data exchanges.

Users and operators of intelligent building applications such as building management systems and facility management, need to configure and operate these solutions in a user-friendly way based on appropriate HMIs. To this end, we offer high quality, personalized UI/UX solutions which provide HMIs tailored to the users’ needs. Special emphasis is paid in delivering UI/UX solutions on mobile devices, as a prerequisite for supporting anytime, anywhere access to the services, including remote control functionalities.

Based on an experienced team of UI designers and HMI experts we ensure that you IIoT solutions come with the right presentation and visualization functionalities. No matter whether you are monitoring the performance of an energy plant or your present the status of assets and equipments, our visualization solutions render the applications easy to use and end-up boosting the productivity of your employees.

The delivery of smart services over public infrastructure requires interfaces that make them easy to use for both authorities and citizens. Remedial Performance provides UI/UX design services, which visualize information at multiple levels (operational, management, strategic) in support of processes such as real-time monitoring of KPIs, triggering of alerts, urban planning and more. Our UI/UX solutions are flexibly adapted to different vertical applications in areas such as smart energy, smart water management and urban mobility.

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